Paule Forner born in 1968.

Very early on, she showed her predisposition for painting, she is also a practicing musician and literary scholar. Her love for graphical art pushed her into studies in Visual Arts to become a teacher in her own right. Rapidly, she abandoned her career in the early 90’s to devote all her attentions to painting.

She had an art gallery during several years until tuning her attention back to her teaching, becoming director of art studies since 2006, while continuing her artistic practice.

Today her work is exposed all over France From Paris, Marseille, Aix en-Provence, Nice, to Monaco  and she continues to participate in many international salons.

Paule Forner lives and works in the south of France.

She is affiliated with la Maison des Artistes since 2002.

She is also a member of AIAP/UNESCO (International Association of Visual Arts to UNESCO, Principality of Monaco) from 2005.

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